Hello healthier,
happier bums.
BadaBum! is an all-natural cleanser used as a replacement for harmful baby wipes. It not only cleans up stanky, stuck-on poo, but also leaves behind a silky smooth layer of moisturizer that helps prevent diaper rash and makes future clean ups a breeze.
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How to Use
Put a few pumps of BadaBum! on a cotton pad or cloth.
Wipe off baby's messy bum with ease.
No ice-cold, chemical-filled wipes leaves your baby happy!
Most parents don’t think twice about using baby wipes. But they really should.
They’re toxic.
Many baby wipes include harsh ingredients that can irritate and penetrate your baby’s delicate skin. These include well known, harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde, Parabens & Pthalates, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates and more.
They’re expensive.
We did the math: 8 diaper changes per day x 2 wipes per diaper change... that’s (at least) 480 wipes per month! Depending on which brand of wipes you use, you could be spending up to $35 per month on baby wipes alone. Not to mention the cost of lotion and ointment needed to combat persistent diaper rash.
They just...suck.
How would you feel if someone surprised you with a cold cloth on your booty several times a day? On top of everything else, baby wipes are uncomfortable and often ineffective (you’ve been there...that seedy or dried-on poo that just won’t rub off?).
There IS a better way!
For generations, European moms have preferred a solution known as oleo-calcerous liniment, a simple cleanser made from just a few clean ingredients with the power to disinfect and moisturize baby’s booty in one step. Better for baby, better for your wallet, and better for the earth. What could be better?
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you use BadaBum! ?
It couldn’t be easier! At each diaper change, simply pump your desired amount of cream onto a cotton pad, dry wipe, or reusable washcloth. Wipe your baby’s bottom as you would with a baby wipe - do not rinse. Your baby’s booty is now cleansed, moisturized, and protected in one easy step.
Do I need to wipe excess poo before using BadaBum! ?
If it’s an especially large load, we recommend using the clean, front of the diaper to wipe up any excess just like you normally would. Our olive oil-based formula is excellent at trapping that sticky, stanky stuff.
Should I rinse BadaBum! after applying it?
No, please don’t! The soft film left behind is where the magic happens, creating a protective barrier for the next time your baby pees or poops. You’ll find that after using it, the next diaper change will be much easier.
What are the ingredients in BadaBum! ?
There are only four, super simple, safe ingredients:

1. Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - nourishing, soothing, and rich in antioxidants

2. Certified Organic Beeswax - firms the cream so it isn’t runny

3. Water - emulsifies and serves as a base for the added minerals

4. Calcium Hydroxide - a mineral that naturally returns the skin to a balanced pH
Does BadaBum! disinfect like a baby wipe?
It does! Calcium hydroxide, an alkali, has the power to naturally restore the pH of your baby’s skin made acidic from urine and poop.
Does BadaBum! prevent diaper rash?
BadaBum! leaves behind a naturally protective barrier when used at every diaper change. Many parents tell us that it soothes and helps prevent stubborn diaper rash caused by the constant rubbing of wipes and friction of diapers. Please be advised that BadaBum! has not been clinically tested to prevent or treat diaper rash.
Is BadaBum! safe for cloth diapering?
It is! You can use BadaBum! with disposable or cloth diapers. If you’re a cloth diaper-er, there’s no need to change any part of your laundering routine.
How long does a bottle of BadaBum! last?
This depends on the age of your little one and how often they go number two. Most parents report that an 8 oz. bottle lasts about a month for an infant.
Is BadaBum! safe for preemies and newborns?
BadaBum! is naturally effective and gentle, making it safe for babies of all ages. However, if your baby is premature, it’s always best to consult your pediatrician before introducing any new substances.
Can I use BadaBum! for anything besides changing my baby’s diaper?
You sure can! Many customers enjoy using BadaBum! to cleanse their babies faces (especially around the nose), treat cradle cap, sooth chapped nipples, moisturize dry hands, and even remove mommy’s makeup!
What if BadaBum! doesn’t work for me and my baby?
We’re so confident you’ll love BadaBum! we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, absolutely no questions asked. But we do really appreciate customer feedback and the opportunity to address your concerns. For more information on requesting a refund, please visit our customer service page.

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