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Hey! We're Alex
and Joey Nay.
Hey! We’re Alex and Joey Nay, creators of BadaBum!

When we took our preemie, Joseph, home from the hospital, we struggled endlessly with a persistent redness all around our baby’s sensitive areas. We strived to use only the highest quality diapers and wipes but couldn’t figure out what was up. That’s when we learned about oleo-calcerous liniment, the European mama’s secret to happy diapering. We were surprised to find that none of the major US baby care brands offered this magic diaper sauce, so we decided to make it ourselves for home use. We told everyone about it and began making it for friends and family. Everyone loved it and we realized we couldn’t keep this a secret from American moms any longer. BadaBum! was born.
We’re passionate about giving our baby the very best and know how blessed we are to even have the option of considering what substance we use to clean our baby’s booty. We realize that most mamas around the world don’t have any options and struggle to provide their babies with even the most basic necessities.
That’s why every month we donate 10% of our profits to Haiti Hope Alliance, an organization committed to equipping local Haitian leaders to serve their communities. I (Joey) serve on the board of directors and have had the opportunity to personally travel to Haiti nearly 40 times to work alongside our ministry partners. It is our honor and joy to be able to use this business to serve Haitian mamas and babies!

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